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Comprehensive & Collaborative Approach

The mind and body are connected, which is why we believe treatment needs to be both comprehensive and collaborative. We support an interdisciplinary approach. These include other professions such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Psychiatrists, Teachers, Physicians, Dietician and other research based and safe interventions. We frequently collaborate across these professionals and have a Dietician on staff. In our experience, collaborative programs tend to procedure more consistent progress, with less confusion for the child.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to maximize the quality of life for the families and individuals that we serve. Our goal is to improve behavior problems, language and communication skills, health and wellness, independence within the home and community through scientifically validated research.  We support health and wellness through teaching nutrition management and fitness programming for our clients. We emphasize quality services and parent collaboration throughout the course of treatment.


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to achieve consistent progress in the natural environment of the individual. Our “natural” philosophy refers to the therapeutic approach to use treatment interventions that result in more natural consequences, with natural caregivers, in the natural environment. 




"We shouldn't teach great books;
 we should teach a love of reading."


― B.F. Skinner

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